Pooja Virani

Yoga & Mindfulness Adjunct



Pooja Virani is the Mindfulness & Yoga Instructor at Templeton Academy D.C. A certified Kripalu Yoga & Meditation, Kidding Around Yoga, and Partner Acrobatics teacher, she has over 15 years of yoga experience and has taught it all over the world, most recently in Bali, Indonesia. She combines her knowledge of yoga and meditation with skills in rehabilitative yoga, myofascial release, functional fitness, life coaching, leadership, and business. She believes in "yoga for everyone" and aims to make yoga accessible and inclusive to people regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, previous experience, or ability. A lifelong learner and leader, she has lived in ten countries, worked as a Nonprofit Management Consultant and International Development Specialist, taught in rural and urban low-income schools, volunteered for the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps, hosted a community radio show, organized a 3,000-attendee conference, and run an Experiential Education company. Pooja Virani holds two Bachelor degrees from American University and a dual MBA and Masters in International Development from Brandeis University.