Meg Perry

Spanish + 8th Grade Humanities Teacher

Meg Perry

Meg Perry is a lover of languages, communication in all its forms, and human connection. At the age of 11, she began teaching herself Spanish in order to communicate with a Mexican classmate’s family. In the spring of 5th grade, having become very close with the family, Meg decided she would hop into their car and join them on their first trip back home to Monterrey. To this day, she is grateful as she is astonished that her parents agreed to put their 11 year-old daughter into a car headed for Mexico. It served as the catalyst to what would become her passion and her livelihood.

An Oklahoma City Native, Meg came to Nashville with a scholarship to Belmont University’s Vocal Music program and an aspiration to be the next Shania Twain or Faith Hill. That dream wasn’t realized, but Meg did end up teaching Spanish to their kids. Insert that cry-laugh emoji here!

A semester of study abroad in Spain led Meg to change her major from Music to Spanish, as the Spanish-language and culture spoke to her in such a way that she’d devote her life to sharing it with others. Meg spent 9 years teaching at The Ensworth School, 3 years at NIA House Montessori (her son’s school), and a semester at The Episcopal School of Nashville.

Meg also owns a small business called Spanish Club-- a program of her design offering all-ageSpanish lessons and adult courses.