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Boulder, having been named the “happiest place in the US” and nestled in view of the Flatirons and Frontrange Mountains beyond, is home to a healthy art scene, the University of Colorado, and is a destination for entrepreneurs. 

With Templeton Academy’s commitment to making private education affordable, parents can choose a model that prioritizes personalization and experiential learning. Templeton’s mission, “to transform the lives of its students by providing highly individualized, dynamic and experiential education in small classes with dedicated and skilled educators” offers parents an education alternative that reflects their values. 

Sport Stable’s commitment to health and wellness informs our commitment to a co-curricular program that supports student’s commitment to athletic development and socio-emotional learning. The city’s focus on innovation makes this an incredible fit for students to really explore the city while learning.

Our Campus: 

  • Conveniently located in Superior, Colorado, our full-time students will enjoy all the benefits of our world-class, on-site fitness and training facilities.
  • Specialized, integrated sports programs in partnership with the RoughRiders Sports Club®(ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, golf, soccer, baseball, softball, and Esports).
  • The Sport Stable spans over 186,000 square feet that includes two NHL sized hockey rinks, one practice sheet; two turf fields for soccer, lacrosse, and baseball; 3 full basketball courts; batting cages & pitching areas; six full-sized volleyball courts; six full swing golf simulators; an Esports Lab; and a 21,000 sq.ft. Sports Performance and Fitness Center.


Everyone at Templeton Academy at Sport Stable is thrilled to open its doors in September 2020 with a middle school program, grades 6-8, and a founding high school class. We look forward to expanding in years to come and offering a full 6-12 program in the near future.


1 Superior Dr

Superior, CO 80027


office 720-749-6463

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Personal Visits

Schedule a personal visit with Head of School, Michael Hardiman! During this one-hour session, you will get the opportunity to learn more about Templeton Academy at Sport Stable and discover if it's a good fit for you and your student! 

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Info Sessions

We are happy to set up visits to fit your schedule. A visit to the school will provide a great opportunity to meet some of the staff, get an overview of how things work at Templeton Academy at Sport Stable and ask questions!

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Our Team

Michael Hardiman

Head of School
Michael is the founding Head of School for Templeton Academy Sport Stable. Educated at Johns Hopkins University, Columbia Teachers College, and Columbia Business School.

Temp Keller

Co-Founder and President
John Templeton (Temp) Keller is the Co-founder and President of Templeton Learning and Co-founder

Dennis Keller

Board Member
Dennis Keller, Board member of the Blyth-Templeton Academy Board of Directors, is a lifelong education entrepreneur.

Tony Sdao

Board Member
Tony Sdao co-founded the RoughRiders Sports Club with his wife Jan Sdao. Previously, Tony co-founded CardConnect, LLC, Transaction Solutions, LLC, The Logix Companies, LLC and Bancard, Inc.

Luke Taylor

Board Member
Luke Taylor, President of the RoughRiders Sports Club® and Managing Member of the Sports Stable, was educated at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN.

Lee Palmer

Founding Head Emerita and Senior Advisor
Lee Palmer was Templeton Academy's first Head of School and now serves as a senior advisor to the President and current Heads of School.

News and Notices

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New Resource: Are Micro Schools the Next Big Thing in Education?

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Templeton Academy Launching New Location in Boulder, CO
Templeton Academy Launching New Location in Boulder, CO

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Pioneering Educator to Lead Innovative High School on Capitol Hill
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Is Block Scheduling the Way of the Future in Education?

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We Have Exciting News...Our Name Is Changing to Templeton Academy!
We Have Exciting News...Our Name Is Changing to Templeton Academy!

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Kalee’s Original Templeton Academy Application
Kalee’s Original Templeton Academy Application

Why is this the right location for the next Templeton Academy? Nashville is a city of both


Templeton Academy is an experiential micro school offering an academically rigorous college-preparatory curriculum designed to foster intellectual curiosity through active learning and community exploration.

What if the future of education was developed around the student and driven by the student?

This is the question we are always asking ourselves. The time and energy of mainstream education can get tied up by standardized testing, complex reporting, and a one-size-fits-all approach in the classroom. Meanwhile, the needs of individual students fade to the background. We are pioneering an educational model that genuinely puts students first and that emphasizes the skills that colleges and employers value. Our model does not offer an “alternative” education, it offers an education experience that will help your student fall in love with learning and take an active part in their own education. 

Why not prepare students for successful, full lives starting in middle and high school?

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