Our students often decide to take online courses to create a flexible schedule, take courses that are not offered at Templeton Academy, or to have the experience of learning online.  Templeton Academy accepts credits from Blyth Academy Online, an online private high school associated with Blyth Academy.  

Blyth Academy Online courses run on Moodle, the same online learning platform used for bricks-and-mortar courses at Templeton Academy.  Each course is structured to be modular, with each lesson/topic/unit stating the approximate time commitment, learning goals, and curriculum expectations. These modules may include readings, assignments, multimedia, and engaging videos that the students complete at their own pace. Templeton Academy students who take Blyth Academy Online courses can set their own work and assignment schedule but are expected to complete the course in the equivalent of 1 term (45 school days) unless special permission is received from the Templeton Academy Head of School.  BAO Teachers will communicate with their students regarding progress, motivation, encouragement, empathy, care, and guidance.  All course support is provided through BAO, not Templeton Academy. However, the Templeton  Academy Dean will work with Templeton Academy students on determining whether or not a BAO course will be appropriate for their schedule.  

Students can complete their assignments, access their account, and produce work any time of day or night, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.  Students can set their own work schedule.

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